Our main aim is to put a smile on newly migrant/ less fortunate teenage girls’ faces. 

  1. Flawless Youngsters help by building relationships between old and newly arrived Migrant and Refugee teenage girls, by organising community events, workshops, activities and demonstrating ways they can get involved in the community. So, they can feel welcome and get connected with other teenage girls. It is a non-profit organisation to unite Africans and other cultures in the community, socialize newcomers and help take the stress from parents.
  2. We also offer tween and teen girls the opportunity to strengthen their faith in God while also having fun and meeting like minded individuals.
  3. We also help new parents organise their children’s birthday parties and give them a memorable party, as some of them have never celebrated their birthday.
  4. Develop inclusive programs for all the children at our service, that structure discussions about refugees, promote empathy, diversity, mutual respect and social justice. Ensure that the voices of newly refugee children are heard.
  5. We implement programs and workshops that encourage and instill the ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ of new refugee children in our community, so children and teenagers would feel comfortable and safe in the community, and deliver culturally and linguistically relevant activities that promote the child’s home language and cultural self-esteem.
  6. Also donate clothing, stationaries, toiletries and so on to the less fortunate children.
  7. Some children have never had a gift before, so we organise free Christmas parties for these children and give them gifts (doing this for 15years now)

8. One of our main activities is organising Christmas parties for the children every year! For many children and teens, Christmas is a time of sorrow, as they have lost family members due to the war. Many are saddened and distressed at Christmastime when they think of their loved ones who will not be able to come home for various reasons, and some don’t even have anyone to spend it with. Christmas presents may only be a wish and not a reality for some, as their parents don’t have the extra money to buy presents for them.

9. To instruct teenage girls in the scriptures and its implication for daily living 

10. To provide some educational or other programmes or institutions as will assist teenage girls to live whole and balanced lifestyles and to be a blessing to the society in which they live. 

f) We also use our sills to nurture these teen girls that have parents because sometimes they are neglected because of the busyness of their parents.

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